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Kay’s Kreation is absolutely fabulous!!!! I can not sing their praises enough!!!! The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. They made sure even the smallest details were addressed and made sure everyone felt beautiful in their dresses for our daughters big day!!!! From the owners to the shoe shiners...I can’t say thank you enough!!!! We will for sure use them again!!!!


My cousin's wedding was April 13, 2019 and as her matron of honor, it wasn't always easy to be present for changes due to me living in a different state. Kay's Kreation made it easy to alter my dress. The seamstress did a good job adding fabric where the cleavage would have been on this particular dress and made it modest for me to wear and feel comfortable.


This was the 2nd place I visited to try on wedding dresses and we happened to stop by on our way out of town as we had visited another shop first. This was a Friday afternoon and the staff was super welcoming and helpful. The showroom is beautiful with how it’s set up, they have a large (& stunning) selection and everything is well organized. I just moved to MS a few months ago with my fiancé who is from there and I’ve lived in big cities (think Chicago, NoVA/DC size) my whole life. So moving to a small town is an adjustment on many levels including retail shopping selection. Not a knock - just if anyone can relate - there is not a lot to physically choose from and a wedding dress is not something I wanted to order online sight-unseen. That said, I was able to find this lovely shop with their beautiful selection where we were paired up with Morgan who was very helpful showing us around and letting us know how things were organized before we got started. Then she gave us a large metal rack to take with us where she, my BFF and I were pulling gowns for me to try on from various areas. Morgan would always ask me my thoughts first, as I showed here the style/designs I was looking for, before she pulled them for the rack which was a nice touch. I probably tried on 8 dresses before I found the one that made my heart skip when I had it on. I went to look at a few more again to make sure I hadn’t missed something but stopped myself as I knew deep down that I found the most gorgeous dress for me. Morgan also helped me find the perfect veil (I have the shoes and the rest of the accessories so didn’t need anything else). I bought the dress and veil on the spot and couldn’t be more over the moon about it! Thank you Morgan for being so kind and helpful and really listening to what I was looking for. I will highly recommend this shop to anyone!!


So, we drove through Tupelo today and we stopped at Kay's Kreations because this is where I got my wedding dress four years ago and I wanted to see if Margaret (the marvelous woman who helped me) still worked here and show her a photo of me in my dress in my wedding. She still works here, she was at work, she remembered me, and she remembered my dress. Y’all. Anybody out there getting married please go to this place for your dress. They’re just amazing. You’ll be so thankful even years later that you went here.


I got the most beautiful and unique dress from Kay’s Kreations. I got so many compliments on it! The staff was very helpful and the alterations were done beautifully and on time.


The service was wonderful and they have tons of quality dresses to choose from. I found the perfect dress for my wedding and will be going to pick out bridesmaid dresses soon. I highly recommend going to Kay's!


Customer service was superb, and they had a great selection of dresses, jewelry, and shoes. Margaret was very attentive and helpful.


I had a WONDERFUL experience with Kay's Kreations! I found a dress online that I wanted to try on so I began calling stores to see if I could find the dress in a store. Kay's did not have it in stock, but was about to reorder more dresses. Margaret told me they would order the dress and would call when it was in the store. A week later, I got a call that the dress was in the store. I was able to set up an appointment and planned to make the trip to try it on. I arrived at my appointment time and was greeted by a very kind lady in the front of the store. It was prom time (and a Saturday) so they were busy, but I NEVER felt like I was not being helped! They were very professional and kind! I was helped by the owner and she was so precious! I could tell why they have such an amazing business (after 35 years) because of how she treated me! I drove about 1 hour and 45mins. to get to the store and it was definitely worth the drive!!! 5 star service !!